Six Weeks Leadership Induction Program

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This is an invaluable program for executive women looking to take their career and personal lives to the next level. It is tailored to provide the support that you need to reach your goals and achieve excellence in all areas of your life.


At our 6 Weeks Leadership Induction Program, we help you discover the leader within you!

The Six Weeks Leadership Induction Program is designed to offer a step-by-step process of intentional living that will ensure consistency in attaining personal and professional excellence.

Through our carefully curated sessions, you will gain an in-depth understanding of leadership and the qualities that make a great leader. You will also discover your personal leadership style and learn how to lead others effectively.

Our sessions on understanding self will help you develop emotional intelligence and learn about your temperament. With this knowledge, you can better understand yourself and communicate effectively with others.

Managing the power play is an important part of leadership, which is why we have dedicated a session to understanding the critical relationships in your life. You will learn how to navigate power dynamics and build strong relationships that will support your growth as a leader.

Corporate image is another critical aspect of leadership, which is why we will help you develop the right corporate image. You will learn how to project confidence, dress professionally, and maintain a positive image that reflects your personal and professional values.

Work-life balance is essential for a happy and fulfilling life, which is why we will help you master the art of prioritization, establish healthy habits and routines, and manage your time effectively.

Finally, we understand the importance of fun and relaxation in maintaining a balanced and healthy life.

Our session on fun and relaxation will teach you the value of taking time for yourself, indulging in your hobbies and passions, and recharging your energy to take on new challenges.

This program is packed with valuable insights and practical tools that will help you become the leader you were meant to be.

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Our 6 Weeks Leadership Induction Program Would Help You


Gain insights, counseling, and mentorship from Female Executive Coaches across a variety of discipline and niches through group mentorship experiences.


Address challenges that they experience in their personal and professional lives while also achieving optimum emotional intelligence, leadership and interpersonal skills.


Build long-term strategic relationships designed to help develop their leadership competencies and take the teams they lead to the next level.


Attend grouping networking experiences including special sessions with other mentors.

"Client’s Success Stories."

The session was life changing.

Life changing because there were certain things that I wanted to achieve at the beginning of this year but I wasn’t able to and right now, having gone through the session with Coach BMO, I can tell you that I have achieved some of them and I’m on my way to achieving a lot of others.

The coaching session has helped me overcome some challenges I had especially my health goals. I actually thought that the sessions would be all about our career goals, leadership, development, etc. But it proved to be all that and more.

Ms Kemi Adeniji – Banker

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Here's A Glimpse Of Our 6 Weeks Leadership Induction Program Curriculum:

Florence Olabisi Kayode

"Client’s Success Stories"

I’m a Banker, Wife & Mother of 3 lovely children

My coaching experience with Coach BMO was amazing, interesting and relaxing.
Every session was awesome as I was literally looking forward to them but the one that stood out for me was where she taught that we don’t just work and not play. She said that she works hard and she plays even harder, so I love that part and I would like to play harder. And I think I’m actually working towards it, I’m on that journey already.

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